Chattanooga Cheap Eats, Part 2

19 11 2007

Day 2 in Chattanooga found us at Rock City. Yes, we “saw Rock City.” No, we didn’t see all seven states. We did however see lots of gnomes. If anyone from Amazing Race frequents this blog here is a challenge idea for you: send the teams to Rock Cityand have them find a Travelocity gnome hidden amongst all the other gnomes. Then, you could have them drive to Nashville and I could be the guy standing by Phil that says, “Welcome to Nashville!” But I digress. . . .
After making our way through all the tunnels, caves and “Fat Man” passes, we had worked up an appetite so we decided Read the rest of this entry »

Update Coming Soon!!!

14 06 2007

Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted any updates. Honestly, I hadn’t been to any good cheap restaurants lately. Well, I just got back from a trip to Virginia and North Carolina and I’ve got some great updates including a breakfast place on the Outer Banks and some great Mexican road food near the Virginia/West Virginia border.

Even better, I will be moving to the Nashville area soon. Sorry to all my St. Louis afficonados but I will be leaving the Gateway City for the Music City. This means lots of new restaurants coming soon!

The Gumbo Shop Surprise

24 04 2007

It’s a couple of months after Mardi Gras, but in honor of New Orleans cuisine, Dave’s Cheap Eats will take you to our neighbor to the south for some wonderfully delicious, and cheap, Cajun style food. No, I’m not talking about New Orleans, I’m talking about the southern city of Rock Hill and The Gumbo Shop.

This little piece of suburbia is an ethnic diners delight with Read the rest of this entry »

Big Update

17 04 2007

As I promised several days ago, I’ve been compiling information from a Flyertalk cheap eats thread. The following posts have been gleaned from the cheap eats recommendations from there. Enjoy!

Chowhound Warning

10 04 2007

Since it’s inception, Daves Cheap Eats has included links to cheap eats recommendations.

!!WARNING!! Read the rest of this entry »

New York is pretty big

6 02 2007

Next to St. Louis, my temporary hometown, New York has the most entries on this blog so far. Is that because it’s so big? Maybe there are lots of cheap restaurants? Or maybe its so expensive everyone is looking for a cheap eat? Hmm. . . . No matter what your answer is, here is a Chowhound post for cheap eats in the Big Apple (West Village).


5 02 2007

I now have Dave’s Cheap Eats recommendations from 20 states! We’ve covered almost half the states now. . . .Yippeee!

Saving cents in Cincy

5 02 2007

I stumbled across this Chowhound post for cheap eats in Cincinatti. It’s a little old (about a year) but it should still be good. Tell me what you think. . . .

Richmond Redux

5 02 2007

It’s a Southern day today. First it was a Chowhound post on Atlanta, capital of the New South and now here is one on Richmond, VA, Capital of the Old South (and my old stomping grounds).

5 Steps for Finding A “Dave’s Cheap Eats” Restaurant

26 01 2007

In my last post I shared with you the top 5 ways to eat cheap. Today I will share with you the top five ways to find a Dave’s Cheap Eats restaurant. Below, you will find all you need to know about finding good, cheap restaurants! Read the rest of this entry »