5 Steps for Eating Out Cheap

23 01 2007
  1. Coupons: They’re everywhere! Free coupons in local circulars, gift certificates you can buy at a discount, and frequent dinner clubs are all ways to eat cheap.

  2. Water: Do you realize how much a drink costs at a restaurant? It’s about the same as 2 2-liters from Wal-Mart. Skip it, drink water and save your money
  3. Look around you: If a bunch of other diners are all getting the same thing, it probably tastes good and is a good deal
  4. Share: Do you really need all that food? Split with a dining partner or take home the leftovers to have for lunch the next day.
  5. Skip the appetizer or desert: Do you really need all that food? (Hey, that sounds familiar!) Enjoy your entrée by not getting filled up and charged for any extras.

Do you have any tips for eating out cheap? Leave a comment! 

Coming soon: 5 Steps for Finding a Dave’s Cheap Eats Restaurant  




6 responses

27 01 2007
Deborah Dowd

I always get iced tea at a restauant since they always refill for free. Especially good for children who can drink two or three glasses of soda at $2.50 a pop!

Deborah Dowd

1 02 2007
Camera Obscura

Dittos on splitting the entree. It’s doesn’t lessen the bill, but it certainly lessens the waistline: divide your entree in half the minute it hits the table.

I never buy appetisers, alcohol, or dessert at a restaurant except when celebrating. You’re right, it’s ridiculous the price-per-serving of soft drinks at restaurants. But most places I go to will free-refill soda as well as iced tea. But seriously, some of the wines that are served by chain and low- to medium-priced restaurants around here are only $1 more for the bottle at the grocery / liquor store.

A lot of not-Pasta-House St. Louis Italian restaurants will have an all-you-can-eat pasta night once a week. The special usually comes with a small salad and cheese-garlic bread, meaning you’ll eat less of the pasta and have more to take home for the second meal! One warning tho — they won’t doggy-bag after your first serving. They’re not stupid…

2 02 2007

Conversely, I sometimes only order an appetizer for my entree, since I prefer the smaller portions to full meals.. and I only order dessert if they have something unusual…. you can get the “ice cream topped brownie” anywhere.. but give me a citrus brulee and I’ll buy it!

29 11 2007
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18 08 2010
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