Low’s International Foods

6 12 2006

Low’s International Food

222 Kilauea Ave., Hilo, HI, 96720 (808)-969-6652

When you live on the West coast a whole new area for vacations becomes available— especially with early summer discounts to Hawaii. We ended up on The Big Island and found our way to Hilo, a small South Seas port town not yet overrun by tourists. In the heart of the slightly worn-around-the-edges downtown is a little restaurant named Low’s International Foods. The entrance to this unassuming restaurant isn’t much more than a rickety screen door. The “waiting area” is filled with used appliances for sale. Inside you are greeted by a towering wall of pictures of everything on the menu—a good thing since most of the items are nfamiliar Hawaiian creations such as Spam sushi. Even better than any of these just-exotic-enough-to-beinteresting-but-not-scary selections are their distinctively sweet Hawaiian sweet rolls in flavors from original to pineapple to guava. Hawaii is famously expensive, but this place won’t break the bank. Our daughter Caroline dove right into a paper basket full of Spam Sushi. Hot, fresh, and tasty, it was a wonderful way to end a long day of travel.