(San Diego) California Dreamin’ (of cheap eats)

14 11 2007

It’s been one year to the day since my family packed up and left the sunny environs of San Diego. As I look out at the rainy grey weather of middle Tennessee, I can’t help but reminisce of the sunny warm days of San Diego. They have saying out there that you pay for paradise. Earthquakes, fires, high gas prices, and astronomical housing values are all a part of life. Luckily, a big dining bill doesn’t have to be part of your payment plan for paradise. Here is a link to a posting on another blog about San Diego cheap eats.

I like Ikea

13 11 2007

Only Ikea, the store that made cheap partical board trendy, can deliver trendy food at prices just as cheap. I had forgotten about Ikea’s food until a recent trip to Atlanta. I didn’t get a chance to dig in this day, but I hope to get back there soon for a cheap dinner! Here is a good review I found on another site.