Tasty Streets!

7 04 2008

Ok, just so you know I’m still thinking about cheap eats, here is a link to an article I found about some great cheap eats streets in the US. There’s even one in my new town of Nashville!


Delicious D.C. Cheap Eats

1 12 2007

Every so often I stumble across a local guy who has a passion for food, and then tells you how much it costs. I was blessed with that experience when I stumbled across WhereInDC, who has a passion for great restaurants in our nation’s capital. WhereInDC also categorizes entries with a dollar sign so you know who light your wallet will be after dinner! Click here to find great one $ sign restaurnats in metro DC.

Stingy Sacramento Sushi

29 11 2007

Found a post today about great cheap sushi in Sacramento on Eatin’ Sushi in Sacramento’s blog. Apparently this blogger has dreams of highlighting the best cheap sushi in Sacramento, but after four months he only has one review. But one is better than nothing! Check it out here

Ok, so “stingy” probably has a bad connotation but I love the consonation of the “S”‘s.

Que Delicioso! – Review of Chavella’s « Brooklyn Skeptic

19 11 2007

I found this review of a Chavella’s, a great cheap spot in Brooklyn, on a fellow WordPresser’s site. Looks muy delicioso!

Que Delicioso! – Review of Chavella’s « Brooklyn Skeptic

More New York Cheap Eats

15 11 2007

Now that you know how to eat at a cheap restaurant in New York here is a list for Cheap Eats in New York from New York Magazine.

New Orleans Cheap Eats

14 11 2007

Here is a link to a website with some great cheap eats in the Crescent City.

(San Diego) California Dreamin’ (of cheap eats)

14 11 2007

It’s been one year to the day since my family packed up and left the sunny environs of San Diego. As I look out at the rainy grey weather of middle Tennessee, I can’t help but reminisce of the sunny warm days of San Diego. They have saying out there that you pay for paradise. Earthquakes, fires, high gas prices, and astronomical housing values are all a part of life. Luckily, a big dining bill doesn’t have to be part of your payment plan for paradise. Here is a link to a posting on another blog about San Diego cheap eats.

Yes to Cheap Eats in No. Colorado

13 11 2007

I haven’t been eating out or traveling a lot lately so it’s been difficult to update this site. However, I did stumble across a great blog posting from Mike Malvey’s Northern Colorado Blog. Kids Eat FREE of Cheap!!! shows when you can feed the kids for free or little at local restaurants. Check it out before your next trip to that part of the country.

Budget Birmingham Bites

28 08 2007

When I lived in St. Louis the interstate signs said things like “Chicago” and “Memphis.” When I was in California it was “San Diego” and “Los Angeles.” Now, in Nashville it’s Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Nashville Time

24 08 2007

I’ve finally settled into Nashville (Mt. Juliet, to be exact) which means it’s time to start finding some new cheap eats. I was only able to find two lists, one from Citysearch and one from the alternative paper Nashville Scene. I don’t know how alternative it can be since it is put out by the major daily, but we’ll cover that another time.

Anybody have any suggestions?