5 Steps for Eating Out Cheap

23 01 2007
  1. Coupons: They’re everywhere! Free coupons in local circulars, gift certificates you can buy at a discount, and frequent dinner clubs are all ways to eat cheap.

  2. Water: Do you realize how much a drink costs at a restaurant? It’s about the same as 2 2-liters from Wal-Mart. Skip it, drink water and save your money
  3. Look around you: If a bunch of other diners are all getting the same thing, it probably tastes good and is a good deal
  4. Share: Do you really need all that food? Split with a dining partner or take home the leftovers to have for lunch the next day.
  5. Skip the appetizer or desert: Do you really need all that food? (Hey, that sounds familiar!) Enjoy your entrée by not getting filled up and charged for any extras.

Do you have any tips for eating out cheap? Leave a comment! 

Coming soon: 5 Steps for Finding a Dave’s Cheap Eats Restaurant  

Look, I’m Popular!

4 01 2007

Ok, so I’m a little slow, I was on vacation, but this is definitely worth a mention. On December 29th Dave’s Cheap Eats was #12 on the WordPress’s Growing Blogs list. How exciting!

It’s Almost My Birthday

3 01 2007

My real Birthday is January 30th so be sure to wish me a happy birthday at the end of the month (like you’ll remember something that far away) and my daughter celebrates hers on January 5th. However, the birthday I’m talking about is on January 6th: the one month birthday for Dave’s Cheap Eats. Yup, it’s already been a month. In honor of this I’ll be making a few improvements.

1st: Pictures. Pictures are fun aren’t they? They also add a little spice to an otherwise predictable form.

2nd: Local Info. Half the fun of trying out cheap food is the experience that surrounds it, whether it’s Italian bakeries on the Hill in St. Louis or farmers and ice fishers in Madison, Wisconsin. (Can someone explain to me the pleasure of freezing yourself as you stare into a hole in ice?) Therefore, we’ll have some more fun here. Sometimes it will be in separate posts (if it’s a place I know well) and other times it will be just a little more info in the review posting.

3rd: The Good Stuff isn’t changing. I’ll still be writing about my favorite cheap eats. I’ll still be scouring message boards and blogs for good cheap eats. And you’ll still be commenting and reading to get ready for your next cheap eats experience.