I like Ikea

13 11 2007

Only Ikea, the store that made cheap partical board trendy, can deliver trendy food at prices just as cheap. I had forgotten about Ikea’s food until a recent trip to Atlanta. I didn’t get a chance to dig in this day, but I hope to get back there soon for a cheap dinner! Here is a good review I found on another site.

Philadelphia Pizza from Flyertalk.com

17 04 2007

breaux124 writes:

Lorenzo’s Pizza: South street- $2 for a HUGE slice of pizza and they are open late night. Great after bar food.

Pat’s/Geno’s, 9th & Passyunk – Not as great as other places for cheesesteaks, but it’s cheap, open all the time, and two places to pick from right across from each other. It’s more of a city icon, but I still enjoy Pat’s steaks and their cheese fries.

Jim’s Steaks, South Street: I think Jim’s has better steaks than most places in the city.

Tony Luke’s – Get the roast pork sandwich