Did I Just Say Beverly Hills?

25 08 2008

As a matter of fact, I did. Cheap eats in Beverly Hills. I didn’t think it was possible, but I feed my family of five (ok, four, the baby didn’t eat the food) for about $20 in Beverly Hills. Do you want to find out where?

On a warm California evening we found ourselves at the Beverly Hilton (don’t worry, it was free-thank you Hilton HHonors credit cards!). Not wanting to pay $25 plus tip plus service charge for a hamburger from room service, I went down to the lobby and did the unthinkable at a hotel of this caliber-I asked about cheap fast food joints nearby. To my surprise, at the end of Rodeo Dr, only a block from the stores that are so high class if they knew I wrote this blog they wouldn’t let me walk by, are several fast food places. WIth a map from the front desk in hand I hit the street!

I walked, and walked, and walked and wished I had taken the nice lady’s offer of the free van ride. I strolled past restaurants where the people in Armani suits spilled out onto the sidewalk along with smooth sound of live jazz. I gazed into windows of jewlery stores where one item was easily worth more than I could hope to earn in a decade. Then, there it was, like the sale rack at Sacks-The Beverly Hills Diner.

Instead of men in tailored suits and women in form fitting evening gowns there were a couple of guys in old t-shirts enjoying an overstuffed burger. It was late and all the tourists were gone. I grabbed a menu, ordered a couple burgers, plus an unadvertised kids meal, and watched as it was cooked fresh right in front of me. The sizzle made me forget I was in high-class heaven because the sounds and smells brought me back to the greasy hamburger joint in the small city I grew up in. The burgers were served hot and wrapped up tight. As an added bonus they came with fries! All told for 4 hamburgers and two super-sized servings of fries, about $20.

I made it back to the Beverly Hilton-finally-and unwrapped my gift to my hungry family.

Maybe it was because we were starved. Maybe it was because I was able to feed a family of five for $20 in Beverly Hills. Maybe the burgers were just that good.

We ate well that night.

472 N. Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, 11am-9pm, 7 days a week, 310.271.2227

Chattanooga Cheap Eats, Part 1

19 11 2007

I was in Chattanooga for a couple days recently and that means I finally have a chance to try out some new cheap eats!

Our first night there I wanted to hit Bea’s on Dodd’s Ave. for dinner, unfortunately it closed at 8 and it was already 7:30 when we got directions from our hotel. Not this night. But don’t worry, we will make it there!

Going back to the drawing board I found Read the rest of this entry »

Philadelphia Pizza from Flyertalk.com

17 04 2007

breaux124 writes:

Lorenzo’s Pizza: South street- $2 for a HUGE slice of pizza and they are open late night. Great after bar food.

Pat’s/Geno’s, 9th & Passyunk – Not as great as other places for cheesesteaks, but it’s cheap, open all the time, and two places to pick from right across from each other. It’s more of a city icon, but I still enjoy Pat’s steaks and their cheese fries.

Jim’s Steaks, South Street: I think Jim’s has better steaks than most places in the city.

Tony Luke’s – Get the roast pork sandwich

Lonely Planet & Ayun

4 01 2007

This is the first in a series of posts compliments from a post I made on Lonely Planet’s ThornTree board announcing this site and asking for submissions. I decided to break them up into separate posts so each poster could receive proper credit and so the city categories would not be overloaded.

Our first submission comes from Ayun. Even though she hasn’t given me the plug she promised yet, I’ll give her one! She has a wildly eclectic food blog and some great recommendations for Cheap Eats in NYC and Chicago.

 Because it’s a rainy lazy day I’m will just copy and paste:

my favorite cheap eats here in nyc are
The Doyers Restaurant on Doyers in Chinatown
The Vegetarian Dim Sum House, also in Chinatown
Wonton Garden in, all together now, Chinatown!
and the banh mi from Banh Mi So #1 on Broome St.

in Chicago
Jim’s Grill – I’m assuming it’s still there and cheap – on Irving Park
Angel’s diner on Clark St for Mexican breakfasts!

Hodak’s – St. Louis

10 12 2006

Guess what? Today was the first day I’ve gone out to eat since I started this blog. Amazing. When I was living in San Diego just a few weeks ago we were eating out every couple days.  Not so anymore. However, since starting Dave’s Cheap Eats I’ve become inspired. Inspired not just to eat out but to make every dining experience a “Dave’s Cheap Eat’s” experience. That is great food at a cheap price.

Today we were looking for some comfort food, nothing too fancy, too complex, or too trendy – just down home good food. I found out about a place called Hodak’s in South St. Louis that was famous for Jack Salmon Meal-The Begining Read the rest of this entry »

Dane County Farmer’s Market

6 12 2006

Capital Square, Madison, WI   http://www.madfarmmkt.org/

Sometimes in life you just stumble into a wonderful cheap eats find. This was the case one cold February morning in Madison. It was Saturday and we were at a farmer’s market in Wisconsin. I didn’t think anything could grow up here this time of year but boy does it! After sampling some cheese curds, cheese and potatoes, and veggies, we were stuffed, and it cost us nothing. However, as we were leaving we noticed a long line of locals forming by a window off to the side. Apparently, not only did they sell fresh produce here, but they also had local folks cooking up a hearty Wisconsin breakfast. Judging by the smiling faces and big bellies, this food must be good. So I took a closer look. For just a couple dollars you received pancakes made with fresh ingredients, a side of breakfast meat from a local animal, which was kind of shocking for a city boy like me, and a drink. I’m pretty sure the orange juice and coffee were not from Wisconsin but the milk sure was.

So here we are, in the middle of Madison, in the middle of February, enjoying a home-cooked meal from the freshest of ingredients for next to nothing. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Parker’s Barbecue

6 12 2006

2514 Highway 301 S., Wilson NC, (252) 237-0972

A piece of pork can have no better purpose in life than being slow cooked until it crumbles off the bone, seasoned in a vinegar sauce until the meat is ready to burst with flavor and then served with a big ole’ side of coleslaw. If you are not indoctrinated in the finer points of barbeque, this isn’t your Midwest “slather some sauces” or “put a dry rub on a rack” barbecue. Nor is it a big piece of slow cooked Texas meat. This is Carolina barbecue, and no place does it better than Parker’s.

It’s about four miles off of I-95 on US-301 north of US-264 (the road to the Outer Banks). It’s been around since 1946 and has been an institution in this small Carolina town. It doesn’t matter how many people are there waiting, you’ll be seated and served fast-with a Southern smile. For only $4.90 you get a large plate(think dinner plate size) of BBQ and sides of Brunswick stew or Green Beans, boiled potatoes or French fries, cole slaw and corn sticks. If you’re daring, take the Brunswick stew and boiled potatoes for a true southern meal, and dig in. Your plate will still be full by the time your tummy is!