I like Ikea

13 11 2007

Only Ikea, the store that made cheap partical board trendy, can deliver trendy food at prices just as cheap. I had forgotten about Ikea’s food until a recent trip to Atlanta. I didn’t get a chance to dig in this day, but I hope to get back there soon for a cheap dinner! Here is a good review I found on another site.

Hungry In Seattle

16 12 2006

I found this thread on Chowhound. It’s got some great cheap lunch recommendations for cheap eats for the Seattle Convention Center area.

Alki Crab and Fish Co

6 12 2006

1660 Harbor Ave. S.W. Seattle, WA 98126,  (206) 938-0975

For the most part the city of Seattle has turned from grunge to emerald green (as in dollars) as its many home-grown companies have boomed (Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, REI, etc). However, there are still a few deals left in town when it comes to good eats on the cheap.

We stumbled upon Alki Crab and Fish Co. one night while driving along the water in West Seattle. The bait and tackle store in the front was a sure sign of cheap eats in the back! After passing by the tackle shop we entered the restaurant. The wall of windows in the back framed a spectacular view of the

Seattle skyline rising over the Puget Sound (Elliot Bay to be exact). The fish and chips were as spectacular as the view. Now, fish and chips is to Seattle what toasted ravioli is to St. Louis: an institution that can be done well or poorly. Here the fish and chips were perfect – not fishy or greasy but hot and crisp. A basket and drink for less than $5 rounded out a perfect evening of cheap eats in the Emerald City.

Alki Crab on Urbanspoon