The Third Style Of Pizza

22 01 2007

Before I moved to St. Louis, I only knew of deep dish and regular pizza. Once here, I learned to love thin crust and I thought that was the whole of the pizza world. Then I start Dave’s Cheap Eats and supporters of jj twigs bombarded me with comments and e-mails about their favorite restaurant. Their claim to fame is a deep dish thin crust pizza. Yes, deep dish and thin crust. jj twigs is in the St. Louis suburbs where Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend cross. Their strip mall location is small and inconspicuous, surprising for their large following which was evident on the Friday night we went. It was so full that we waited standing up in the dining room for about 15 minutes for a table. The hostess seated us at the tight table and our waitress promptly brought us out our drinks and silverware. While we had originally just planned to order the double decker pizza, we couldn’t pass up the chance to try fried cheese curds (check out my first experience with cheese curds at the Dane County Farmers Market in Madison, WI).   While the $5.99 for an appetizer does not fall into the “cheap eats” category, it definitely fell into the good eats category. The curds were melted to perfection, held together by a freshly fried golden brown batter. This set the tone for their famous double-decker-thin-crust-acting-like-a-deep-dish-pizza. 

At first glance, it looked like a not-that-deep-dish pizza. Then, I realized that the “deep” of the dish had come from the rolling together of the two layers of pizza crust. And that’s not all; on top of the pizza, they sprinkle dried Italian herbs so that you get an extra burst of flavor. Of course, you get the wonderful cheesiness flavor, too, but there’s still more. (Am I sounding like an infomercial yet?)  The thin crust dough is sweeter than your average pizza dough, which adds another layer to their flavor. As an added bonus, the large was big enough to fill up our family of four. I’m sure the fried cheese curds help.

The one issue for making this a true cheap eats was the price. A large one topping was $17.29, before tax. Now, when I met Teresa, the owner and one of the people who wrote me about it, I told her it might not make the cut for Dave’s Cheap Eats because of the price. (And, no, I was not given any money, consideration, or even a take-out menu for writing this review!) Bethany, my wife, was quick to point out that this pizza was big for the four of us to have two slices, which means that the average entrée cost, considering we usually get two entrées for the four of us, was about $8.65, it made the $10 cut off, with room to spare!

Congratulations to Teresa and the rest of the great folks at jj twigs, you are the first recommended restaurant to be reviewed on Dave’s Cheap Eats!

jj twigs

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7 responses

24 01 2007
Bill Glenn

This place is the best. The pizza is out of this world and the “Big Salead” was great. Also,fun bar atmosphere to watch the games….

1 02 2007
Diane Meyer

Did you try the pizza at Adriana’s? The pans of thick crust pizza laid out behind the pickup window always look so good but we’ve always tried other things.

21 05 2012

I’ve gone their but it is not as good as jj twigs

7 08 2007
Holly Madison

I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

26 08 2008

already posted a review and have since had another problem.I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the pizza and I called the manager to inform him of this.He was the rudest person I have ever talked to, he also hung up on me!
I asked him as a courtesy for my pizza to be replaced as I am a frequent customer. My pizza hardly had any ingredients on it and there are 5 toppings included, also burnt. He said absolutely NOT! And what kind of business would he be running if people complained and wanted another pizza. Whatever happened to customer satifaction?
I have spent a great deal of money at his business and I have never complained to ANY restaurant before. I told him he would be losing my business as well as many family and friends of mine who live in the area. He said he could care less & slammed down the phone.

11 10 2008

I live in O’Fallon, IL and have been here for 3 years. I have many times told my husband that I am surprised that there are not more family owned Pizza Places. I come from a very small town, with a lot of Italian Family owned Pizza restaurants. I LOVE PIZZA. I am a self proclaimed Pizza food critic. I love the thickest Deep Pan and I love the thinnest of thin crust. I love it with sweet sauce and dough and I love it spicy. I looked online to find a double decker…..since that was my favorite “back home pizza”. I found JJ Twiggs. I must say…it is one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. It was more than what I thought it would be. The bottom crust was SO crispy….which is hard to do with a double decker. I was very impressed. I will definately make the drive to get the BEST pizza in the STL area. Thank yoU!

21 05 2012

This place has the best pizza I have ever had in my life I like to get the haley’s comet amazing pizza a keep it up

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