Que Delicioso! – Review of Chavella’s « Brooklyn Skeptic

19 11 2007

I found this review of a Chavella’s, a great cheap spot in Brooklyn, on a fellow WordPresser’s site. Looks muy delicioso!

Que Delicioso! – Review of Chavella’s « Brooklyn Skeptic

Ok is better than OK

27 08 2007

Apparently Nashvillians are having some issues with the increasing Hispanic population. Personally, I’m glad to live in a place with lots of Mexican restaurants to choose from. Now, in my part of town (the eastern suburb of Mt. Juliet) most people talk about El Rey Mexican restaurant (in a strip mall near the interstate on Mt. Juliet Rd). This usually crowded restaurant is a party place where it’s always loud and the liquor is freely flowing. However, the food is Read the rest of this entry »

Mexican in the Mountains

20 07 2007

Two of my unwritten (until now) rules of cheap eats are avoid Mexican restaurants near interstates and avoid Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Cheap Eats from Flyer Talk

17 04 2007

EmailKid writes:

Just finished another excellent Huevos Rancheros breakfast at  Rio Verde Taqueria Y Restaurant. It’s a family type restaurant that is definitelly not fancy, but quite cozy. The before 11 a.m. special comes with tortillas and coffee, and after tax came to $3.52 – you really can’t beat a deal like that. Located at 5502 Telephone Road (at Park Row) it is very close to Hobby Airport (HOU) for you out of town visitors. Not so close to IAH, but only a few miles from Downtown Being a Mexican breakfast lover I’ve never tried anything else there, but whenever I look at other plates, they looked good, and the diners seemed quite pleased.  

LA Taco

21 02 2007

Off of I-170, near the St. Louis airport there is a recycled fast food restaurant called LA TACO. I don’t know if it is supposed to make you think of Los Angeles, if it is a case of a gender confused taco or if the owner’s initials are L.A. For my part, I have never been there.

However, when I lived in SoCal last year I did gain a love for good tacos-especially fish tacos. Much to my blogging delight I found Bandini’s blog The Great Taco Hunt. He lists dozens of taco stands and ‘straunts around Los Angeles and gives them a handy rating from his main page. Check it out and, if you find yourself in L.A. check out some of his recommendations.

Bad Mexican on the Virginia Peninsula

28 12 2006

I told myself that I wouldn’ try Mexican for a while after leaving San Diego. With all the great Mexican restaurants and Mexico just a short drive a way the food really can’t be beat for good and cheap.

Well, here I am in Virginia on a little Christmas vacation and twice I’ve decided to go to Mexican restaurants that I used to think qualified for Dave’s Cheap Eats (good food, cheap prices). Either times have changed or I’ve become more of a food snob (or a little of both).

First is Read the rest of this entry »

Agua Brava Nayarit

6 12 2006

Popotla, Baja California, Mexico

Seafood and Southern California – the two go together like Italian food and The Hill. Unfortunately, the food prices in San Diego are just as outrageous as their housing prices. Even the coastal Mexican towns have been overrun with Gringos and their green cash. However, if you follow the “Scenic Road” (which is Mexican for toll road) 20 miles down the Baja California coast from the U.S. border, there is a little fishing village turned restaurant town where there are still deals to be found.

Poputula is right beside Fox Studios-Baja (where Titanic and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World were filmed), but it is a world away from Hollywood. There are no tourist buses or Americans in condos, simply a large concrete arch over a dirt road. We found a patch of dirt to park the car, attached our Club to the steering wheel, and made our way past a row of restaurants with their owners shouting to us in Spanish and holding up the day’s catch of lobster. Following a little haggling in the vernacular, we found the best deal at Agua Brava Nayarit, and what a deal it was! Six of us bought three lobster dinners with all the fixings (salad, rice & corn, and shrimp) and drinks for $30. That’s right: for the same price you’d pay for a single dinner at Red Lobster, we had an oceanfront feast.

And this wasn’t just a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Okay, so it was just a hole in the wall, but a hole in the wall overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With the sounds of the waves crashing below us and the harmonies of Mariachis serenading locals in the other restaurants, it was a perfect Mexican afternoon.