Chattanooga Cheap Eats, Part 2

19 11 2007

Day 2 in Chattanooga found us at Rock City. Yes, we “saw Rock City.” No, we didn’t see all seven states. We did however see lots of gnomes. If anyone from Amazing Race frequents this blog here is a challenge idea for you: send the teams to Rock Cityand have them find a Travelocity gnome hidden amongst all the other gnomes. Then, you could have them drive to Nashville and I could be the guy standing by Phil that says, “Welcome to Nashville!” But I digress. . . .
After making our way through all the tunnels, caves and “Fat Man” passes, we had worked up an appetite so we decided to try for Bea’s again. With directions, but no map, in hand we left Lookout Mountain for the valley below.
Bea’s is in an area that has seen better days and that means that not all the street signs are still standing, like the one for Dodds Ave at Rossville Blvd. But after some circles, we did finally find Bea’s and it looked like it had seen better days, too. But it is famous for its lazy Susan dining so we ventured inside. When we went through the doors, it was like taking a time machine back to the 60’s with wood paneling and vinyl chairs. But there was a certain kitschyness to it all so we decided to try out lazy Susan dining.
What, you don’t know what lazy Susan dining is? Well, neither did I. They way it works is they sit you down at a round table that seats about 8 and in the middle is a big lazy Susan. (If you don’t remember what a lazy Susan is, it’s that circle on a spinner so you don’t have to ask to pass the food, you just spin it to what you want.) On that lazy Susan they put fried chicken, potatoes, corn bread, biscuits, green beans, pulled pork BBQ, masked potatoes, banana pudding, and cobbler. How much? $6! A little more if you want a drink. Pluses: it’s an all you can eat buffet that you don’t have to get out of your seat for. When you run out, the server will bring you more. (This is the epitome of laziness!) Minuses: The only way to stop eating is to find the one food you don’t like and spin the lazy Susan so that food is in front of you. But for $6 for an all you can eat buffet? I say spin the lazy Susan and give me another helping of mashed potatoes! Bea’s Restaurant. 4500 Dodds Ave., Chattanooga, TN, 37407. 423-867-3618



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