Mass Cheap Eats from Massachusetts

17 04 2007

UMassCanuck07 recommends. . . . 

Amherst: Antionio’s Pizza

Hadley: The Hangar Pub & Grill (aka WINGS to us UMass alums!)

rwk32882 says:

A good place for cheap Chinese in BOS is the Chinatown Eatery. They also have an excellent juice bar.

44 Beach Street Boston, MA 02111


Is it wrong to call Cambridge, Boston?

17 12 2006

Ok, I’ve never been to Boston (or Cambridge for that matter) so is it offensive if I call Cambridge “Boston” here? What do you think?

Well, regardless of what you think I have Read the rest of this entry »

Mas for Mass.

13 12 2006

Below are two links for Dave’s Cheap Eats dealing with Massachusetts. One for Boston and one for Cape Cod-two places I’ve never been. If you’ve been to any of these places leave a comment and tell me if these lists are worthy of Dave’s Cheap Eats. Read the rest of this entry »