Every site needs an about page. This one will give you the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of Dave’s Cheap Eats.

WHO is Dave?

Well, who am I?

While I was in undergrad at Mary Washington College I earned the reputation of knowing the perfect restaurant in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for any occasion. Things have changed since then. Now we live just outside of Nashville, TN after I graduated Concordia Seminary-St. Louis and my wife graduated from Washington University in St. Louis (while holding down a full time job with a defense contractor plus taking care of our three kids).

Our families are in Virginia and we spent a year in California and I would tag along with my wife on her business trips all over the country as much as possible. Needless to say, we’ve made it around this country a lot over the last several years. And through it all, we are continually searching and finding good cheap eats.

Now that we’re in Nashville and I’m actually working, the traveling and eating out have slowed down a little. I’ll still post as I have something to say, but it could be weeks between posts.

WHAT is a “Dave’s Cheap Eat” and what can I find on this site?

Let’s look at the three word’s in no particular order.

Cheap=costing less than $10 for an entree (should it be less? post a comment and tell me what you think)

Eat=Food, enough food for a meal. Preferably enough food to split with another adult, or at least a kid.

Dave’s=Meeting Dave’s seal of approval. Not only does it have to be cheap and a decent size serving, it has to taste great, too.

What’s on the site?

Restaurant Reviews: categorized by location and cuisine

Links: These are posts containing links to other sites I’ve found that list restaurants that the poster considered both good and cheap.

Blogging: Your typical blog postings but all somehow tied in with cheap eats.

WHEN will Dave post more stuff?

Whenever I find something worthy. Right now it’s been kind of slow because life is more important than bogging (gasp!). Hopefully I’ll be finding a lot of new Nashville restaurants to post about. To make sure you don’t miss any of the frugal food frivolity be sure to subscribe (up on the top right).

WHERE are the featured restaurants located?

Anywhere in the United States, or within a short drive of the border. I actually put this site together so I wouldn’t have to Google “cheap eats” and the city I was visiting before every trip I took. You’ll notice alot of St. Louis area restaurants. Dave’s Cheap Eats was an article for the Around The Tower paper highlighting mainly St. Louis cheap eats. Still, I’m looking nationwide for stuff to put on this site.

WHY blog about Dave’s Cheap Eat’s?

I figure I can’t be the only person out there who is looking for high quality restaurant food at low prices. There have to be other people who are looking for this info or have it to share. And oddly enough I couldn’t find any site dedicated to good cheap eats in the USA. Who else is doing it nationally? Rachel Ray? Really, she’s not that cheap. Loud and probably fun to hang out with, but not cheap. Dave’s Cheap Eats is the one stop place to find out about good cheap eats where ever you are or are going AND share your own experiences. 

HOW can I contribute?

The  easiest way is to simply comment on one of the entries. Have you been to a Dave’s Cheap Eats restaurant and had a good or bad experience? Share it with others by commenting.


Do you know of a link that would be of interest to frugal foodies like yourself? E-mail me at DavesCheapEats@yahoo.com


Do you want to write your own reviews? E-mail me at DavesCheapEats@yahoo.com with your review and  your info (name, website-if any, your city & state, and daytime phone number-in case I need to verify information with you) and I’ll put it up here if the restaurant is worthy.

4 responses

9 02 2007
Rachel Girdler

Hi Dave

I’m sitting here at my desk in snowy, cold England reading your website. I should be working but got distracted. I have read some of your comments on restaurants and am imagining myself in some of the destinations, it’s a great way to get through the day but I must get back to my work. Your website is fun and a great idea. Best wishes


6 03 2007

..Rather helpful information you have here. Grazie!

22 02 2008

Hi Dave,

This is Liz from Yummy 4 my Tummy. Just wanted to let you know I’ve moved my blog to Fooding 411(http://www.fooding411.com/). Hope you continue writing about your cheap eats finds.

18 08 2008

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

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