Parker’s Barbecue

6 12 2006

2514 Highway 301 S., Wilson NC, (252) 237-0972

A piece of pork can have no better purpose in life than being slow cooked until it crumbles off the bone, seasoned in a vinegar sauce until the meat is ready to burst with flavor and then served with a big ole’ side of coleslaw. If you are not indoctrinated in the finer points of barbeque, this isn’t your Midwest “slather some sauces” or “put a dry rub on a rack” barbecue. Nor is it a big piece of slow cooked Texas meat. This is Carolina barbecue, and no place does it better than Parker’s.

It’s about four miles off of I-95 on US-301 north of US-264 (the road to the Outer Banks). It’s been around since 1946 and has been an institution in this small Carolina town. It doesn’t matter how many people are there waiting, you’ll be seated and served fast-with a Southern smile. For only $4.90 you get a large plate(think dinner plate size) of BBQ and sides of Brunswick stew or Green Beans, boiled potatoes or French fries, cole slaw and corn sticks. If you’re daring, take the Brunswick stew and boiled potatoes for a true southern meal, and dig in. Your plate will still be full by the time your tummy is!