I like Ikea

13 11 2007

Only Ikea, the store that made cheap partical board trendy, can deliver trendy food at prices just as cheap. I had forgotten about Ikea’s food until a recent trip to Atlanta. I didn’t get a chance to dig in this day, but I hope to get back there soon for a cheap dinner! Here is a good review I found on another site.

Portland, OR, site to check out

10 12 2006

Ok, did I really need to add Oregon? I figure this way I won’t offend any Maine-ites. (what do you call someone from Maine?). Anyways, the site is called An Exploration ofPortland Food and Drink.” However, its subtitle is much more interesting: Throwing Ourselves on the Grenade of Bad Food to Save You.

They cover all prices so for the cheap eats reviews click search, choose “$” and then search (after you put your other search criteria in, of course).