I like Ikea

13 11 2007

Only Ikea, the store that made cheap partical board trendy, can deliver trendy food at prices just as cheap. I had forgotten about Ikea’s food until a recent trip to Atlanta. I didn’t get a chance to dig in this day, but I hope to get back there soon for a cheap dinner! Here is a good review I found on another site.

Texas Cheap Eats from Flyer Talk

17 04 2007

EmailKid writes:

Just finished another excellent Huevos Rancheros breakfast at  Rio Verde Taqueria Y Restaurant. It’s a family type restaurant that is definitelly not fancy, but quite cozy. The before 11 a.m. special comes with tortillas and coffee, and after tax came to $3.52 – you really can’t beat a deal like that. Located at 5502 Telephone Road (at Park Row) it is very close to Hobby Airport (HOU) for you out of town visitors. Not so close to IAH, but only a few miles from Downtown Being a Mexican breakfast lover I’ve never tried anything else there, but whenever I look at other plates, they looked good, and the diners seemed quite pleased.