LA Taco

21 02 2007

Off of I-170, near the St. Louis airport there is a recycled fast food restaurant called LA TACO. I don’t know if it is supposed to make you think of Los Angeles, if it is a case of a gender confused taco or if the owner’s initials are L.A. For my part, I have never been there.

However, when I lived in SoCal last year I did gain a love for good tacos-especially fish tacos. Much to my blogging delight I found Bandini’s blog The Great Taco Hunt. He lists dozens of taco stands and ‘straunts around Los Angeles and gives them a handy rating from his main page. Check it out and, if you find yourself in L.A. check out some of his recommendations.

Dive Into L.A.

21 02 2007

You can get your feet wet, but not let your wallet get soaked, at these Los Angeles area Cheap Eats from Chowhound users.

SoCal Cheap Eats find

29 01 2007

Every now and then I stumble across an online cheap eats list that I just hadn’t found before-today was one of those days.  I came across a list of restaurants on KCAL’s defunked “9 on the town” show that has Cheap Eats recommendations for the Los Angeles area.

Do you have any suggestions for this area? Post a comment or send an e-mail to

For All You Valley Girls. . .

9 01 2007

here is a double link post. First is the original Chowhound posting looking for cheap eats in the San Gabriel Valley. Then, inside that I found another link leading to Raymond’s San Gabriel Valley Restaurant Reviews. He, too, is searching out the best in Cheap Eats. That’s like so totally Tiffany!

And that was a really bad valley girl impersonation.

In Honor of the Rose Parade. . .

9 01 2007

here is a Chowhound post about cheap eats in Pasadena. BTW, I was one of the lucky few to be at the 2006 Rose Parade when it rained. I did have front row seats, though!

LA CheapEats Via Chowhound

9 01 2007

The great thing about recommendations on is you know they are going to be good. The bad thing is a dinner entree usually costs as much as all the clothes I’m wearing. Every now and again a good cheap eats post will pop up, like this one for L.A.