Flyer Talk Maryland Cheap Eats

17 04 2007

Socaflyer recommends

Alario’s Pizza in College Park, MD – Great white pizza (especially with spinach and marinated tomatoes)

Philadelphia Pizza from

17 04 2007

breaux124 writes:

Lorenzo’s Pizza: South street- $2 for a HUGE slice of pizza and they are open late night. Great after bar food.

Pat’s/Geno’s, 9th & Passyunk – Not as great as other places for cheesesteaks, but it’s cheap, open all the time, and two places to pick from right across from each other. It’s more of a city icon, but I still enjoy Pat’s steaks and their cheese fries.

Jim’s Steaks, South Street: I think Jim’s has better steaks than most places in the city.

Tony Luke’s – Get the roast pork sandwich

The Third Style Of Pizza

22 01 2007

Before I moved to St. Louis, I only knew of deep dish and regular pizza. Once here, I learned to love thin crust and I thought that was the whole of the pizza world. Then I start Dave’s Cheap Eats and supporters of jj twigs bombarded me with comments and e-mails about their favorite restaurant. Their claim to fame is a Read the rest of this entry »

St. Louis Battle – Pizza: Thin Crust vs. Deep Dish

19 12 2006

If you spend much time exploring the local pizza establishments in the River City you will munch your way through many of those cracker crust pizza’s loving called “St. Louis Style” thin crust. But this is not just a town of thin crust. In fact, the pizza tendencies of St. Louis’ northern suburb (Chicago, IL) has crept into the pizza scene with its deep dish delicacies. In deference to this, today Dave’s Cheap Eats will host a battle of epic proportions between St. Louis thin crust and St. Louis deep dish.Let me introduce our competitors. On the traditional St. Louis thin crust we have Read the rest of this entry »