Ok is better than OK

27 08 2007

Apparently Nashvillians are having some issues with the increasing Hispanic population. Personally, I’m glad to live in a place with lots of Mexican restaurants to choose from. Now, in my part of town (the eastern suburb of Mt. Juliet) most people talk about El Rey Mexican restaurant (in a strip mall near the interstate on Mt. Juliet Rd). This usually crowded restaurant is a party place where it’s always loud and the liquor is freely flowing. However, the food is less than impressive. Then driving around one day I noticed El Ok Corral. A cheesy sounding name along a less than impressive stretch of Lebanon Rd. filled with antique/junk shops, cookie cutter residential developments (they’re the only thing still growing in the drought), and random strip malls. The outside of El Ok was equally uninteresting. But if they’re not spending money on the exterior, that means they’ll charge less, right?

My family went inside and found a whole other world. It was bright, open, and cheerfully Mexican. Colorfully, yet empty, painted carved tables filled the restaurant. I began to be worried about the prices. This was a nice looking Mexican restaurant, not a cheap dive.

Now some seafood entrees were north of $10, but most entrees were cheap with full size quessadillas for less than $5 and fajitas for less than $7. Ok might be OK after all! And it was! The food was fresh and tasty and the red sauce was rich and flavorful, better than anything I’ve had in St. Louis or Nashville since my return from SoCal and Mexico!

After stuffing myself on a vegitarian combo (that I split) for less than $8, I checked the menu only to see that they have 5 lunch specials for $3.75-$3.99, including rice and beans! Friday lunch, here I come!

El OK Corral::14841 Lebanon Rd::Old Hickory::Tenneesee::615-773-3598



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