And the weekly winners are. . .

6 12 2007

This week there were two search terms that you used to find Dave’s Cheap Eats far and away more than any other. But before we get to that, here is a sampling of some of the odder search terms that lead folks to Dave’s Cheap Eats:

“Who is adriana’s date on the hills?”

“Playground size wooden trains in NC”

“How to eat high class” (there is something seriously wrong with the search algorithim that brought up Dave’s Cheap Eats!)

And my personal favorite. . . . (no, I am not making this up) . . . .

“Stingy Little Dork”

Now, on to the two big search terms:

“New York City Cheap Eats” slipped to number two this week. Do you know why? Because all the stage hands are back at work now so they don’t need cheap eats anymore!

And our top search term? Shooting up from #3 last week, is “Parkers Barbeque.” Here’s to pulled pork and hush puppies!