Stingy Sacramento Sushi

29 11 2007

Found a post today about great cheap sushi in Sacramento on Eatin’ Sushi in Sacramento’s blog. Apparently this blogger has dreams of highlighting the best cheap sushi in Sacramento, but after four months he only has one review. But one is better than nothing! Check it out here

Ok, so “stingy” probably has a bad connotation but I love the consonation of the “S”‘s.


Que Delicioso! – Review of Chavella’s « Brooklyn Skeptic

19 11 2007

I found this review of a Chavella’s, a great cheap spot in Brooklyn, on a fellow WordPresser’s site. Looks muy delicioso!

Que Delicioso! – Review of Chavella’s « Brooklyn Skeptic

Chattanooga Cheap Eats, Part 2

19 11 2007

Day 2 in Chattanooga found us at Rock City. Yes, we “saw Rock City.” No, we didn’t see all seven states. We did however see lots of gnomes. If anyone from Amazing Race frequents this blog here is a challenge idea for you: send the teams to Rock Cityand have them find a Travelocity gnome hidden amongst all the other gnomes. Then, you could have them drive to Nashville and I could be the guy standing by Phil that says, “Welcome to Nashville!” But I digress. . . .
After making our way through all the tunnels, caves and “Fat Man” passes, we had worked up an appetite so we decided Read the rest of this entry »

Chattanooga Cheap Eats, Part 1

19 11 2007

I was in Chattanooga for a couple days recently and that means I finally have a chance to try out some new cheap eats!

Our first night there I wanted to hit Bea’s on Dodd’s Ave. for dinner, unfortunately it closed at 8 and it was already 7:30 when we got directions from our hotel. Not this night. But don’t worry, we will make it there!

Going back to the drawing board I found Read the rest of this entry »

More New York Cheap Eats

15 11 2007

Now that you know how to eat at a cheap restaurant in New York here is a list for Cheap Eats in New York from New York Magazine.

How To Eat

15 11 2007

This site almost exclusively discusses the best in Cheap Eats, however, that posses some problems. For the uninitiated that are used to full service and high class restaurants its like a guy from New Jersey trying to pump his own gas for the first time-scary, difficult, and messy. However, hope is not lost. ACommonLoon from the Thorntree Message board at has posted a useful guide for eating at a New York City Diner. Thanks ACommonLoon! Read the rest of this entry »

New Orleans Cheap Eats

14 11 2007

Here is a link to a website with some great cheap eats in the Crescent City.