Hawaii Cheap Eats from Flyertalk

17 04 2007

tednugent(no relation) recommends: Keneke’s Plate Lunch in Waimanalo on the Windward side of Oahu, HI. For USD6.50 you get a huge portion of Teriyaki Chicken (or kalua pork, or steak, or mahimahi), 2 scoops of steamed white rice and a scoop of macaroni salad. As Hawaiians say, you’ll “broke da mouth” trying to eat it all.

“Dave’s Cheap Eats Tip” -Go for the full plate and split it with a friend, it’s cheaper than getting two small plates. Plus, with a combo you can often get several main dishes to try. When I was in Hawaii in the Summer of ’06 I discovered plate lunches and they are great! Filling, cheap and tasty. We went to L&L drive-in (oddly enough in a strip mall), walking distance from Honolulu airport, for our first time. I don’t know if starvation had set in (ATA doesn’t offer much in complimentary food) or if it was just that good but the tartar sauce was indescribably good. We soon found out that L&L is actually a chain. In fact there was one down the street from us when we lived in San Diego County! Never the less, it always tasted better in Hawaii!



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