AOL CityGuide Disappoints, again. . .

29 01 2007

I first told you about my problems with AOL Cityguide several weeks ago. I pointed out that their cheap eats (as well as Mexican and Chinese) choices had some very bland chains included in them. I encouraged you all to vote for your favorites that weren’t a bland chain. It worked, sort of. . . .

Here are the results that I highlighted:

Los Angeles Mexican: Baja Fresh #2 Orange County Cheap Eats: Ruby’s #1

Tampa Cheap Eats: Sonic Drive In #3

San Diego Chinese: Panda Inn #1

Folks, that’s pretty sad. We’ve been let down by the masses! We trust people to give us the best, not just what they’re used to. Instead, we get more of the same bland chain food.

What can you do?

  1. Patronize true cheap eats places, like the ones I profile here, on Dave’s Cheap Eats.

  2. Tell your friends about the best cheap eats places

  3. Submit your ideas to me at so I can include them here.

 My fellow Dave’s Cheap Eaters, let’s unite and next year we’ll make sure that truly great cheap eats are found in every city for the masses!




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