Lonely Planet & Ayun

4 01 2007

This is the first in a series of posts compliments from a post I made on Lonely Planet’s ThornTree board announcing this site and asking for submissions. I decided to break them up into separate posts so each poster could receive proper credit and so the city categories would not be overloaded.

Our first submission comes from Ayun. Even though she hasn’t given me the plug she promised yet, I’ll give her one! She has a wildly eclectic food blog and some great recommendations for Cheap Eats in NYC and Chicago.

 Because it’s a rainy lazy day I’m will just copy and paste:

my favorite cheap eats here in nyc are
The Doyers Restaurant on Doyers in Chinatown
The Vegetarian Dim Sum House, also in Chinatown
Wonton Garden in, all together now, Chinatown!
and the banh mi from Banh Mi So #1 on Broome St.

in Chicago
Jim’s Grill – I’m assuming it’s still there and cheap – on Irving Park
Angel’s diner on Clark St for Mexican breakfasts!



One response

4 01 2007

D’oh, beaten to the punch yet again! Thanks through my veil of shame!
Alrighty, I’m going to add your cheap eats to Dirty Sugar Cookies, while my family’s wet laundry molders! Happy? I am!
Thanks for the pluggy plug plug.

also – 32nd st between 5th and 6th Ave, for when you want to get your Korean on. Especially Natural Tofu, 34 West 32nd Street, on the 2nd floor.

oh HELL yeah

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