Rachel Ray vs. St. Louis

21 12 2006

First, Rachel, please stop calling it St. Louie-it’s St. LOUIS!

Ok, now that that’s out of my system I have to comment on Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travel’s-St. Louis.
It’s always fun to see places I’ve been to, like Hodak’s, on TV. However, the mainpage for her show talks about delicious and affordable feasts. That’s just not happening at some of her places. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar is delicious, yes, but affordable? Hardly! And what about Fitz’s? Sure, the root beer is great but the rest of the food has about as much taste as McDonald’s. Then there was Frazer’s. I’ve never been there so I checked out their menu-lunch salads for almost $8! (and the dinner menu didn’t list prices!) Finally, to literally top it all off she profiled Top Of the Riverfront, where dinner entrees range from $27-$60! I guess it’s affordable if you’re a celebrity. Personally, I’ll stick with real cheap eats-Dave’s Cheap Eats!



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