The Cheap List (and that’s not a good thing!)

13 12 2006

In my travels I have taken some chances and come across a few really bad places with cheap food. Below, in no particular order, are cheap and bad restaurants that, in my humble opinion, are not worthy of any thing but a smile and a wave (you should always be polite, right?). I’ll update this as time permits or as I have nightmares from previous experiences but today we’ll start with three.


Cave Food, Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Doesn’t it sound fun to eat inside Carlsbad Caverns. It’s one of those things you would expect to find on a Travel Channel “Top 10” special. Unfortunately, it would be a “Top 10” for worst food that should never see the light of day. It consisted of microwave pizza and pre-wrapped sandwiches that consisted mainly of bland stale bread and processed cheese flavored product. If you want to experience eating in the cave, take some chewing gum and chew it on the elevator ride up to stop your ears from popping.


Alberto’s, Pecos, TX

Do you ever have a really bad food day? This was one of those days. First we had breakfast at a Best Western in Roswell (or course, given the options, it probably wasn’t all that bad) then we had lunch in the Cave (see above), and for dinner we ended up in Pecos, TX. Alberto’s was along Hwy 285, the main drag through town, and had lots of people. Unfortunately the food was slow, bad, and overpriced ($5 for a tortilla chips appetizer that had 6 tortilla chips on it!). Next time, I’ll just pack some Nutella.


Any Major Chain 

Let’s be honest-most major chains that are good are expensive and the ones that are cheap are bland. Sure, the $1 fish tacos at Rubio’s are pretty good with the medium green salsa but that’s nothing compared to a fish taco from a vendor in
Baja California, Mexico. Besides, Dave’s Cheap Eats isn’t just looking for decent food-we’re looking for great food at great prices!



One response

20 12 2006

I took my own food to the Cave – homemade sandwiches and a bottle of wine. The other patrons, who were eating Cave food, gave us forlorn looks…

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