Submit Your Favorites To Be Included As A Dave’s Cheap Eats!

8 12 2006

Ok, here are the criteria.

  1. QUALITY: The food has to taste good. Anyone can make cheap food but only restaurants with food full of flavor can be considered a Dave’s Cheap Eat.
  2. NO CHAINS: I’m looking for local restaurants here, not national chains. If it’s a local chain I’ll consider it.
  3. UNDER $10 AN ENTREE: That is hard and fast. Sure, it’s easier to get more for $10 in Alamogordo, NM, than San Francisco but $10 is cheap in either place.
  4. THE ENTREE MUST BE BIG ENOUGH TO SPLIT: $10 for a miniature crab cake is not a Dave’s Cheap Eats. $10 for a crab cake platter with sides on a pier in the Chesapeake Bay is.
  5. INCLUDE THE DETAILS: I need a name, address (at least city and state, extra kudos for the actual street and number), and website (if available). Be sure to include what you had, how much it cost (before tax and tip), and what makes it worthy. Pictures are fun, too.
  6. INCLUDE YOUR DETAILS: Give me a name and e-mail so I can contact you with any questions or clarifications.

Either post the information as a reply to this post or e-mail me at Thanks for your submissions!




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