Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

8 12 2006

San Francisco. A foodies dream. So many cultures, so many great restaurants, and so much money to spend! But that’s not what we do here is it? We don’t spend lots of money on good food. We find excellent restaurants with prices that anyone can afford. With that in mind I headed to a place called Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. It was right down the street from my hotel near Union Square and it had a great right up in my guidebook.

Somehow we missed it on our first pass down Jones St. and ended up deep in the Tenderloin District-not a place for the faint of heart. However, we made it back and took our place at the end of the line. The long line. The very long line. I was ready to go next door to a nice little Indian place that had glowing reviews posted in its windows. Luckily my wife talked me out of it!

After a half hour wait which consisted of standing on the side walk watching the resident draq queens make their morning rounds we made it inside the little establishment and squeezed our family of four into a little booth. While the space may have been small the smells were huge! The kitchen opened up into the dining room so your were overwhelmed with a melody of breakfast smells-sweet and satisfying like a big stack of pancakes. In fact, that’s what I ordered. It was $7.25, which seemed like a lot. However, the pancakes were a lot-they took up the whole plate. Plus these weren’t your run of the mill pancakes. No, they had a little extra kick. They were seasoned with ginger and cinammon. Just enough, too, to still let the whole wheat flavor come through the fluffy goodness of the pancakes.

Here we were, at the edge of one of the worst parts of San Francisco having one of our best breakfasts. What a wonderful way to start a vacation.

Check out their menu here.

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Last visit: September, 2006



One response

28 12 2006

I must agree. I’m from the Bay Area so I used to frequent SF a lot. Finding a place to live is expensive but you can sure find great food for cheap.

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