Naan –N– Curry

6 12 2006

My number one rule of travel is to make sure you know at least a couple of decent cheap restaurants wherever you go. If I don’t, I always seem to end up with a bland $15 hamburger. We arrived in San Francisco one foggy morning with a single restaurant recommendation—not very good for a fiveday trip. So on our first night we went exploring around our hotel in the touristy and upscale Union Square and Theater districts. Fortunately, the restaurants keep their doors open and put menus in the window. We found an Indian restaurant right outside our hotel door. When we saw the menu we couldn’t believe it. Here we are, in the middle of $30-an-entrée bistros and bland national chains, and we found a fragrant and fast Pakistani and Indian restaurant. We smelled it from down the block because of a large fan ventilating the place through the front door. Inside we found laminated one-page menus and slightly wrinkled papers touting the specials. This cheaply-modeled restaurant had prices to match. At most Indian restaurants you pay $10 for a little bowl of Aloo Palak or Chana Masala. Here you get those same dishes for only $3.99! Here we were in the middle of one of the most expensive cities in the country eating the cheapest and most flavorful Indian food we’ve ever had,  eaving plenty of extra cash for the rest of our trip.

336 O’Farrell St, San Francisco 94102
Naan-n-Curry on Urbanspoon



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