Dane County Farmer’s Market

6 12 2006

Capital Square, Madison, WI   http://www.madfarmmkt.org/

Sometimes in life you just stumble into a wonderful cheap eats find. This was the case one cold February morning in Madison. It was Saturday and we were at a farmer’s market in Wisconsin. I didn’t think anything could grow up here this time of year but boy does it! After sampling some cheese curds, cheese and potatoes, and veggies, we were stuffed, and it cost us nothing. However, as we were leaving we noticed a long line of locals forming by a window off to the side. Apparently, not only did they sell fresh produce here, but they also had local folks cooking up a hearty Wisconsin breakfast. Judging by the smiling faces and big bellies, this food must be good. So I took a closer look. For just a couple dollars you received pancakes made with fresh ingredients, a side of breakfast meat from a local animal, which was kind of shocking for a city boy like me, and a drink. I’m pretty sure the orange juice and coffee were not from Wisconsin but the milk sure was.

So here we are, in the middle of Madison, in the middle of February, enjoying a home-cooked meal from the freshest of ingredients for next to nothing. It doesn’t get any better than this!



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22 01 2007
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26 01 2007

never a truer word said

29 01 2007
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13 02 2007

Hmm… thought there might actually be a story about the cheese curds.

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