Blackberry Cafe

6 12 2006

UPDATE: Blackberry Cafe has moved to 7351 Forsyth Blrd, Clayton, MO 63105. Does anyone know if their prices have gone up?

Ok, so you’ve heard of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) and WWJLT (What Would Jesus Listen To) and maybe even WWJD (What Would Jesus Drive). But have you heard of WWJE. E?? Well, in Around the Tower that “E” stands for “eats” as in Dave’s Cheap Eats.

So what would Jesus eat? Probably some good Middle Eastern fare like baba ghanouj or tabouli . Now don’t worry. I don’t want to scare all you brats and sauerkraut guys away. Yeah, I like Al Tarboush in the U-City Loop but I’ve got something a little tamer in mind this month. Though they do serve those dishes plus some great hummus! Just a block west of the old CBC (South Campus for all you newbies!) is a relaxing little place called Blackberry Café. It used to be Aseop’s Café. However, after remodeling it has been reinvented as a relaxing café featuring outdoor dining during the warmer months and a fireplace in the back for colder months. There is a bar for those guys that go it alone (No beer but just wait, you’ll like it!). The tables are not too crowded. Those in the front offer relaxing views over the patio to the bustle of Clayton Avenue and those in the back afford privacy. Wireless internet access makes it perfect for laptop addicts and us students!

Recently, I neglected to pack a lunch for before a South Campus class. I had little time and decided to see how Blackberry Café did performed in a crunch. A short walk down Clayton brought me to their door. There were several twenty-somethings on the patio, one busily typing away on a laptop. Inside, a diner was curled up at a table in the back with a book and her food. A couple in front happily chatted and watched the world go by outside. A friendly face greeted me at the bar and took my order. They have a large assortment of sandwiches, wraps, and sides (which could make a meal). I chose the veggie wrap and sprung the extra buck for a side of hummus (remember the hummus from earlier?). Ok, I know what you’re thinking. How can this fill up a 6-foot-3-inch, two hundred some-odd pound guy. Just be patient, you’ll see.

Almost before I pulled out my books for some last-minute studying my food arrived. If Jesus had these veggie wraps and hummus, he would never go hungry! The wrap was bulging, not just from food but bulging over the edge of the plate. My side of hummus was basically another meal—a heaping bowl with toasted pita piled high around it. Time was ticking. I had to be on Wyneken’s third floor in a few short minutes, so I dug in. The wrap was fresh and well-seasoned without too much sauce. And the hummus was wonderful. It trumps anything you get from Schnuck’s trying to show off your worldliness. It was thick and tasty, not to garlicky or salty. As I savored each bite I thought to myself, “Will I make it on time?” My unnamed professor looks down on tardiness, so I quickly finished and paid. The bill was less than $7. Not bad, especially considering I “Super-Sized” my meal with the extra plate of hummus. As an added bonus, you can also find coupons on the back of Schnuck’s receipts! I made it to Wyneken with time to spare.

In addition to all the “different” or “weird” foods, they also serve pizzas and sandwiches. All will fill you up and it’s definitely better than campus food and is just as close.

Blackberry Café 7351 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, MO.

(This article original appeared in the May 2005 ATT)




4 responses

14 09 2007

the blackberry still operating and doing very well, we just moved because our rent keep going high. we are now located in 7351 forsyth,blv.clayton,mo.63105.also, we still having the best hummes in saint loius, wraps, soup,salads,pizza and we serve gyros sandwiches and salad. stopby

14 09 2007

the food is teasty and fresh,they should be #1 coffe shop,soup/salad/wraps in saint loius.oh i forgot they did moved to 7351 forsyth,blv.

8 02 2008

So glad to hear that Blackberry is still around! LOVE that hummus!!!

18 07 2008
stephanie washu

yep…if you like mediocre food- i guess you call it food -it all tastes frozen and all the same -and rude service this is the place for you. hummus comes out of a tub just like anywhere else. you can buy it anywhere.
wanna great gyro? go to SOCO’s on South Lindbergh.

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